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“When I was a child the temptation to sin was always a romantic option. This romantic option lead me to the cinema, a place where sin was welcome.”


Harmony Korine with some of the actors from Gummo

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Life is beautiful. Really, it is. Full of beauty and illusions. Life is great. Without it, you’d be dead. 

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In the scene where Solomon’s eating spagetti in the bath, there’s a piece of bacon taped to the wall behind him. Says Werner Herzog: “When I saw a piece of fried bacon fixed to the bathroom wall in Gummo, it knocked me off my chair. [Korine’s] a very clear voice of a generation of filmmakers that is taking a new position. It’s not going to dominate world cinema, but so what?” 

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Bunny Boy (Gummo 1997)

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Gummo (1997)

Solomon: Xenia, Ohio. Xenia, Ohio. A few years ago, a tornado hit this place. It killed the people, left and right. Dogs died. Cats died. Houses were split open, and you could see necklaces hanging from branches of trees. People’s legs and neck bones were sticking out. Oliver found a leg on his roof. A lot of people’s fathers died, and were killed by the great tornado. I saw a girl fly through the sky, and I looked up her skirt. Her skull was smashed. And some kids died. My neighbor was killed in that house. He used to ride bikes and three-wheelers. They never found his head. I always thought that was funny. People died in Xenia. Before dad died, he had a bad case of the diabetes. 

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250 Films Meme → 034. Gummo (1997)

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