Beenzino - Dali, Van, Picasso

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BANKS // This Is What It Feels Like

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Just Go
라니아 (Rania)


Rania - Just Go

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(BTS) 방탄소년단

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BTS Cypher PT.2 - Triptych
(BTS) 방탄소년단

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Wuthering Heights — Kate Bush.

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Let It Go (Full Versión)
Daehyun (Original by Hyorin)

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Pale Blue Eyes
The Velvet Underground

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상사병 (Symptoms)
샤이니 (SHINee)

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"Even though I’m such a small constellation, thank you for noticing me." 

Just a friendly reminder that Aimer wrote this song for No.6, after reading the entire novel series. I think her love of the series, and of Nezumi and Shion, really shows through in her lyrics and in the music itself. Truly, there is nothing that captures the beauty and raw emotion of this series than Rokutousei no Yoru.